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PA Executive Positions

This page contains a listing of superintendent, assistant superintendent and executive director vacancies in Pennsylvania's public schools and public schools out of state.  Vacancies and available positions listings are posted upon request and review.  PASA reserves the right not to publish an open position. To request a vacancy announcement posting on this web site, send a message to the Webmaster or call PASA at (717) 540-4448. Please include your phone number with your e-mail request. Information needed includes: position, entity, contact name/address, and application deadline.
Pennsylvania Openings
Last Update: February 23, 2017
For more information on these positions, send correspondence directly to the listed contacts. Openings listed in order of application deadline.


I.U. 13 - Lebanon Co.
To Apply: Click here to obtain additional information and to obtain an application. Send complete application to:
Mr. Flip Steinour, Director of Human Resources
Lancaster-Lebanon IU13
1020 New Holland Avenue
Lancaster, PA 17601
Deadline: 3/15/17
About the Position: 
Enrollment approximately 5,000, Grades K-12 plus virtual academy. Annual budget: $76 million. Appointment on or about July 1, 2017.  The successful candidate should be a leader who can unite the community under a common vision of successful schools. Desired experience includes: strong interpersonal and communication skills; knowledge of educational research, trends, and innovation; community engagement and involvement; understanding of diverse populations, and school district fiscal operations and budgeting. Central office experience with Doctorate is preferred. Requirements: PA letter of eligibility; sealed university transcripts; current Act 24, Act 34, and Act 151 clearances; FBI fingerprints (dated within 1 year), five (5) letters of recommendation; application and resume. EOE

Central Fulton

I.U. 11 - Fulton Co.
To Apply: Submit application and other required documents to...
Mrs. Angela Marshall, Board Secretary
Central Fulton SD
151 East Cherry Street
Connellsburg, PA 17233.
To obtain an application, visit
Deadline: 3/28/17
About the Position:
Rural school district. Enrollment 1,000 students Grades 4K-12. Annual budget $14 million. Appointment on July 1, 2017. The district is searching for an instructional leader who has strong interpersonal and communication skills; community engagement and an in depth knowledge of educational research, trends and innovation. An understanding of fiscal operations is important. Central Office experience desired. Requirements: PA letter of eligibility, sealed university transcripts, current ACT 24, and ACT 151 clearances, FBI fingerprints; five (5) current letters of recommendation, application and resume.

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